Friday, December 14, 2012

A Woman of Excellence--Looks DO Matter

I was continuing my reading this morning in the book of Ruth, chapter 3. In the beginning of the chapter, Naomi realizes that Ruth needs another husband, and has the great idea to set her up with her relative, Boaz. Now, what I think is interesting about this is that Naomi helped Ruth get all fancied up for her meeting with Boaz. And, isn't that what it's like today still? I know it is for my mom and me. I remember when I had my first date with my husband, and my mom helped me pick out an outfit, helped me style my hair, and give makeup tips. She wanted me to put my best foot forward, and make a strong first impression on this first date.  (By the way, it worked! To this day, Joel still tells me how beautiful I looked on that first date.)

So many times I think that we can get caught up in the whole "it's what's on the inside that counts" mentality and take it too far. Yes, the Bible does say that God looks upon the heart, but God also says that our bodies are His Temple, and I believe we need to make sure those "temples" look beautiful. Not to the point of vanity, of course, but I strongly believe that if we truly want to be a Woman of Excellence, then we need to take pride in the body God gave us. I highly doubt the Proverbs 31 woman walked around looking like a slob! It says that she provided garments of purple and scarlet for her household, and that her husband was respected in the city. It also says she did a lot of business with the merchants, which would imply that she was also respected in the city. She didn't stay in a bathrobe all day. She got herself fixed up, and got stuff done!

I also believe we need to look our best for our husbands. Just because I'm a stay-at-home-mom with no car, and no way to go anywhere doesn't mean I have to lay around with unwashed hair, gritty teeth, and ratty pajamas. Yes, our husbands have vowed to love us through better or worse, but I know that if I look nice and presentable I am more willing to believe my husband when he tells me how beautiful I am. I also have a better attitude overall when I actually get out of my pajamas and look acceptable.

In fact, I have included that in my New Year's Resolution: find more ways to enhance both my inner and outer beauty, so that I may bring glory to God and please my husband. 

So, in what ways do you try to please God-and your spouse-with your appearance? If you have been blessed with a daughter, in what ways do you try to encourage her to look her best for God?

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