Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Joys of a Crawling Baby at Christmas Time

So, this post is more so that I can gain some advice and insight from some parents of older kids who have already been where I'm at. Gunnar started crawling the week after Thanksgiving, (which is awesome!) however, his favorite thing to mess with is, of course, the Christmas tree! He loves pulling on the garland and the lights. I remember how prior to Thanksgiving I was encouraging crawling SO much, and now I'm not so sure why I did that :) I can no longer leave him on the floor in the family room while I run off to the bathroom, or to make lunch, or get a snack for him while he just lays there staring at whatever toy I put in front of him.

So, my question to all parents of older children out there: What are some ways I could help him to understand that the tree is off limits? I try to be firm, and tell him no, but he's at that age where he doesn't really understand "no" yet. I'd like to keep the tree up through New Years, but jumping up saying "Gunnar! Don't Touch!" 50 times a day is exhausting ;)

And, I hope this post does not sound as though I am complaining. Because I'm really not! I LOVE watching him "explore" his surroundings; he just gets so excited when he makes it to a "new" part of the apartment :)

Thanks for the help, ya'll!

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