Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back

As 2012 comes to a close, I can honestly look back at the good, and the bad, and say that God is Good! A lot has happened this year! From two baby showers in my honor, to the birth of my son. From saying good-bye to dear friends who moved away, to meeting new friends. The joy of finding out we were expecting, to the pain of losing that sweet baby only 2 weeks later. God has been there through it all, and I know that without Him I would have no reason to celebrate at all. He has been my Protector, my Friend, and my Comforter this year. I look forward to what He has in store for me in the year 2013.
I've already talked about some of my goals for the year 2013, so for now I'll just leave you with some precious moments from the year 2012.

 Gunnar Joel is here! April 25, 2012 at 12:06 pm. 7.3 pounds, 19 1/4 inches long.
 At two weeks old Gunnar made the trip to see his Uncle graduate from Bluffton Univ. with a degree in Accounting. He is now living in Florida and going to Law School. We are so proud of him!

Gunnar's Dedication to the Lord on Father's Day!
 My Handsome Boy at 3 months old!
 Gunnar and his cousins at Christmas time. He is 8 months old here
My sister, brother, and I together at Christmas again. So proud of my brother who is doing an Amazing job in Law School, and my sister who moved to Chattanooga, TN the day after Christmas to start a new job down there! I sure do miss them though! I predict a lot of traveling is in my future for the year 2013 :)

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