Thursday, January 10, 2013

Out with the Old

Some days I look around at my 2-bedroom apartment and can't believe how much we possess. (A true testament to how much God will bless you when you give your finances over to Him and purpose to live a frugal, no-debt lifestyle!) Even more so, I can't believe how much of it is simply clutter! Today, I decided to do something about it!

I chose two areas that I wanted to focus on today. I chose the bookcase and my closet. First, I went through the bookcase and determined what books I needed to keep, and which ones I could do without. I decided that if I had not read the book in the last year, it was time to let it go! I ended up with 11 books to get rid of!

Then, I went through my closet and did the same thing. I looked at each article of clothing hanging in the closet, and decided that whatever either did not fit, or if I had not worn it in the past 6 months, it was time clear it out. I seemed to hit the mother-load! 10 sweaters, 4 summer dresses, 3 skirts, and 2 bridesmaid dresses!

My first thought was to just put everything in large garbage bags and take it to the dumpster located in the apartment complex parking lot. However, I did not feel like going out in the cold :) Then, I thought "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" And so, I decided to post my findings online. I posted the books to Ebay, and the clothing to Craigslist. Now, I just have to wait for someone to decide that they can't live without that book or piece of clothing! It was quick, easy, and if I sell everything at the prices set, I would literally end up with hundreds of dollars in my pocket. Not bad for an hour's work while Gunnar plays on the floor next to me!

I am going to keep these items up for sale for one month. Anything that does not sell by then will be sent to the Goodwill Store in my area.

Up next....the kitchen and hall closet. Oh yeah, I'm excited!!

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